Sunday, November 23, 2014

♡♡ Tokyo Kawaii Life Order #1 ♡♡

Weee!! I'm so excited because I finally made my first purchase ever from Tokyo Kawaii Life!! ♡♡ I've been wanting to buy stuff from their website for so soo long, but at the time I was broke and couldn't figure out how to use a forwarding service at first. Instead of Tenso, I used Tenshi Shop as my forwarding service. The forwarding service was really quick and easy to use! It makes me regret not using a forwarding service in the past. 

* I was so excited to see what was inside that I didn't take a picture of the box before I ripped everything open..^^;

 I bought the LL Big Happy Bag because it was on sale for 30% off~! Let's see what's inside...