Friday, June 27, 2014

Recent Purchases

Hey everyone! :) So recently I purchased a few outfits online. They were super cheap so I just had to have them~! lol I promised myself after buying these that I would start saving up and spend my money more wisely though..(which is probably not going to happen) >.<

JugeETTA: Pink Romper


WOOHOO my first JugeETTA purchase~! This brand is super pricey compared to Liz Lisa so I never really considered buying anything from this brand, but I got really lucky with this romper because the price was super affordable! It looked more like a dress to me at first glance.

Liz Lisa: Blue Floral Top

Originally I bought this oufit thinking it was a one piece, but then I realized after buying it, the title said it was a top! I don't really like wearing sleeveless clothing, so I'll probably buy a cardigan or something to put over it. I really like the design though, it's perfect for summer! I just realized that this is the first summer-appropriate item that I bought from Liz Lisa! haha

Ank Rouge: Alice in Wonderland Cardigan

My last purchase was this Ank Rouge cardigan. I bought this second-hand and the seller even gave me a free gift! :) I've been really wanting an item that was Alice and Wonderland related since there were soo many on Rakuten the last time I checked! 

One thing I definitely need to buy is a tripod so I can show you guys what the outfits look like on me. How's everyone's summer so far btw? :3 I've been at home a lot since I don't really like summer weather. D:


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    1. Thank you! :3 I've been bored during summer so all I've been doing is buying stuff online. xD

  2. Ohhhh cute haul! I really love that romper (even though I'm not a romper fan). It really does look like a dress. You should pics with it on!

    1. Thanks! ^^ I'm not that big a fan of rompers myself, but I really liked the design of the romper I bought so I decided to give it a try~ I'll post a pic with it on as soon as I buy myself a tripod or if I wear it out (which probably won't be for a while). xD

  3. Hey beauty love ur new post .Keep posting .
    Regards from Bosnia ♥

    1. Thank you! haha and I definitely will soon! ^^

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  5. They look so cute! ><
    Done following you back ^^
    Anw how do you know me and ? :o

    Looks promising! However its so pricey and can only be used for 6months? aww :(
    Nice post ^^


    1. Thank you! :) and I remember seeing you on the popular page a lot on (I posted a lot and was on the popular page as well xD) and you reminded me of Yuri from SNSD. ^^ lol

  6. cute haul, they are all so pretty ^^

  7. Look is cute, you are so pretty:з

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