Wednesday, October 15, 2014

B1A4 Concert in SF!

Hello! I recently went to B1A4's concert in SF on saturday, and boy was it worth every penny! :3 I bought the VIP tickets because I really wanted the hi-touch event, which was basically giving them a hi-five after the show. The problem with the VIP tickets was that it was standing only, so it was first come, first-served.

I got to the venue at 7:00am and it was already packed (concert started at 8:00pm)! -.- I kept telling Skyler we should have left earlier but since he's never been to a K-Pop concert before, he didn't know that there would be people waiting in line already. 

I was able to meet really awesome people before and during the concert, but sadly I forgot to take any pictures with them. :( I also made Skyler do an interview with Mnet, so he's going to be on tv soon! If I find the video, I'll post it ASAP! xD I was also behind him and this other group of people so I might end up being in the footage too :3

The doors opened at about 7:05pm, and I made Skyler go in front of me so I could get the best standing spot. lol He ended up not standing next to me though sadly, but I wish he had! Fangirls are no joke, I was getting pushed and shoved every second! I couldn't even breathe during one of B1A4's performances.. Another probem I had at the concert was that I could barely hear them singing since everything was so loud, especially the background music! That's what I get for wanting to be in the front I guess..-.-

My original bias was Sandeul, but while I was watching him at the concert, he didn't give much fan service than the rest of the members and he also looked really cocky on stage! o.o It was really shocking.. The girl who was chosen to go on stage was also Sandeul biased, but he didn't give her a hug or anything even though Jinyoung and Baro did.

The members that really stood out on stage were Baro, Gongchan, and of course Jinyoung. :P Baro was really sweet btw! He kept blowing kisses at everyone and looking at their cameras. I'm having a difficult time now choosing between Baro and Gongchan for my bias.

I told Baro I loved him after the concert during the hi-touch event, and he said he loved me too~! I really wish I had it recorded but we weren't allowed to record any footage or take pictures. Afterwards I couldn't think so I didn't say anything to the rest of the members...xD I had to go back and grab my bag and coat so I was able to say bye to Gongchan a second time at least~ He noticed me leaving so he waved back at me~ ^^

On a side note: Skyler told me that Gongchan kept looking at him during the concert! He said he looked at him about 50 TIMES so I was/am still super jealous!! ;~; Obviously I didn't believe him at first, but then I saw the videos he recorded..and he was right!! o.o

And finally here's the pic of the outfit I wore to the concert! This pic of Skyler & I was taken right after the concert ended so we look all sweaty and stuff..>.< lol I wore my Liz Lisa x My Melody dress~

*Photo credits go to Skyler :3

Well I hope you enjoyed my fangirling and rants in this post haha! 

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