Saturday, August 9, 2014

Review: ZuZu Luxe Liquid Eyeliner in Raven

Hello! I wanted to share with everyone the eyeliner that I have been using for the past year. I bought this originally at Whole Foods, which is a supermarket that sells mostly natural & organic products, but since the nearest Whole Foods is about 30-40 mins away and I was about to run out soon, I bought it on eBay instead. :3

Price: $14.85 USD
Size: .1oz/3ml

What the website says about this product: Enriched with vitamins and herbal extracts to gently smooth and protect the delicate eye area. Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Our Liquid Eye Liner is Ophthalmologist Tested, Hypo Allergenic, Fragrance Free and Water Resistant

The wand.

Close-up view of the eyeliner.

With eyeliner on both eyes.

This eyeliner is amazing! Although the packaging looks plain, it's actually made from 100% natural ingredients and is cruelty-free as well! I honestly have been searching for this type of eyeliner for quite some time since my face is super sensitive. If I buy an eyeliner from a drugstore (ELF brand for example) then my eyes would start itching/stinging. :(

- For sensitive eyes
-Water Resistant
-Lasts all day without smudging

- Pricey (About $15)
- Hard to remove

Overall I give this product a 4/5! I would've rated it a 5 but it literally takes me 5+ minutes to get the eyeliner off of my eyes even with makeup remover since it's waterproof. -___-

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