Friday, May 2, 2014

Mini Haul from eBay

Hey everyone!
So I've been wanting a pair of T.U.K. creepers for quite some time, so I finally snagged myself a pair for a really good deal on eBay!

I think I should've saved up for black or white creepers instead since I don't really like how these look on me. Plus these are a bit too big for my feet, which is surprising cause I have huge feet! xD I guess I should have put more thought into these shoes before buying them..
Edit: I ended up giving these creepers to my boyfriend, which actually ended up fitting him perfectly!

I also bought this floral skirt as well! The brand is Tralala, which is also known as Liz Lisa's sister brand. 

I don't really wear skirts, but I bought this at a really great price so I couldn't say no! Originally I thought the skirt was all black but it ended being a navy color. The skirt's really poofy too, so hopefully I can find something in my closet to coordinate with it in the future.

The last thing I recieved was this Liz Lisa coat from the Liz Lisa x My Melody Fukubukuro!! (did I spell that right? xD)

Sorry for the bad lighting~ It was a bit pricey, but I couldn't resist since I prefer buying autumn/winter clothes over spring/summer clothes. The fur is detachable, and the coat came with extra buttons as well. I'm hoping the weather will get cooler here in California so I can finally wear it outdoors~


  1. I really like everything you bought <3