Friday, May 16, 2014

Ready for Break!

Hello everyone~ Sorry I haven't been posting for a while, I just got done will my finals for this semester. WOOHOO~ time for summer break!!! That means I'll be able to post more often too! ^^ Well I'll try to at least cause I promised myself that I would look for a job right after finals..-__- I had both of my finals on the same day so I felt completely brain dead after I took my exams. Plus it was super hot outside too so I felt like I was about to melt.. Afterwards I ended up going to the mall with my boyfriend and since we both didn't feel like buying any clothes, he treated me with some gelato!

He had orange and coconut(left) and I had tiramisu and mint oreo(right).
They made mine look ugly. lol 
Oh! I'll be posting a review soon on my EOS circle lenses soon so stay tuned~


  1. I hope you did well on your finals! ^^ and you're right, they did make yours uglier LOL. I'm sure it tasted awesome, though~

    1. Thank you!! :3 haha and yeah it did~ ^^