Saturday, May 31, 2014

OOTD + A Mini Trip Out of Town

So lately I've just been at home all day pretty much doing nothing. It sucks not to have a car, but I guess it beats having to pay for insurance and whatnot! lol A couple of days ago I went to El Cerrito with my boyfriend and mom since my boyfriend needed to buy some face masks. He gets severe allergies and the only face masks that seem to help him are the Japanese brands. Here are some of the photos I took~ BTW the pictures I took were from my phone so the quality's kinda crappy. D:

My first OOTD! I would've taken a better picture but it was really windy that day, plus I forgot to grab my camera while I was taking my dog for a walk. xD I'm wearing a black lace dress from Dodostyle, H&M tights, and sneakers from Aldo.

The drive to the El Cerrito mall took a while so we were starving when we got there! So for lunch we ate at a Korean restaurant~ I wanted sushi but both the sushi shops at this mall were being renovated. >.< I love getting the Seafood Bibimbap whenever I eat here cause it always comes with a bunch of side dishes~ I've been Vegetarian for a while and try to eat Vegan as much as possible, but I decided to let it slide that day. ^^ 
I burnt my tongue but it was worth it~!
There's a store in the mall that also sells a bunch J-POP but mostly K-POP CD's. I bought from them a few times but I prefer buying my CD's online since one CD at this store is equivalent to buying both a CD and a poster online! I only purchase CD's here whenever the ones I want are sold out online. lol

Anddd finally here's the stuff I ended up buying! (~˘▾˘)~

From left to right: Hello Panda cookies, Mezzo Piano headband, Gokuri drink, Organic Mulberry Tea,
Gummy Choco candy, My Beauty Diary face & neck masks, and Matcha Chocolate Pocky.
I bought more candy, but my boyfriend ended up eating them on the ride home. xD I'm going to post a review on the My Beauty Diary face & neck mask in a few days, so stay tuned~! Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend everyone~ (๑◕ฺ‿ฺ◕ฺ๑)


  1. Geez. My boyfriend likes to eat all of the snacks, too! >.< lol. I feel the urge to move to Cali because of all the Asiany goodness. (My friend would die of happiness if we had a store here in Orlando that regularly sells k-pop CDs.) Cute outfit, btw! :D I normally just stick on something lazy like a t-shirt and jeans to walk my dog, though! (Unless that's a cat or ferret on your leash...hmm...)

    1. Haha you should! I live in the boring part of California though so I either have to drive far to get to the Asian stores, or just resort to buying them online. xD and thanks! ^^ I usually wear something lazy when I take my dog out too, but I felt like taking her out for a walk right after I got back from the mall for some reason. lol Speaking of ferrets, I've always wanted one as a pet but they're actually illegal in California! D:

    2. Ferrets are illegal in California...whaaaaaaaaaaat? *looks it up* Holy crap that is weird. XD They're really cute and playful but they have that "hamstery" kind of smell which kind of bothers me o.x